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Side, modern Selimiye, the principal city and port of ancient Pamphylia, was originally located on the Mediterranean coast, west of the mouth of the Manavgat River, in southwest Turkey. (The site is now inland.) Although the city was founded by the Aeolian Greeks, a strange non-Greek language was spoken there. It was the most important port of Pamphylia, having a good natural harbor and two artificial harbors for larger ships.
Side, which is always preferred for summer holidays and is always worth exploring because it is a town dating from ancient times, is among the regions that must be visited and spent time. Side, whose history can be traced back to the 7th century BC, but thought to have a much older history, was dominated by many empires such as Lydia, Persia, Rome, and Seljuks. Since the meaning of the word Side is "Pomegranate", it is a settlement thought to date back to the Hittites with the researches done on this region.
Although Side is one of the most beautiful regions of Antalya, it attracts the attention of many people. Domestic or international travelers often want to visit this pleasant region as well. Most people wonder how they will overcome their transportation deficiencies when they come to Side, which is located in the Manavgat district.
Thanks to the specially offered Side transfer services, people can easily reach each desired point. As Zerk Transfer company, we undertake a very important mission in this regard.
We allocate our private vehicles for Side transfer transactions without requiring people to use another vehicle in any way. We also make shipments according to what kind of vehicle is requested. Our expert drivers always deal with the process in the most sensitive way.

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Side has a number of wonderful and pleasant places to visit. People generally want to visit and see places such as the Temple of Apollo, Side Antique City, Side Archeology Museum and Köprülü Canyon National Park in this area.
We ensure that people can comfortably reach such beautiful areas, both collectively and individually.

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People go to Side to participate in some tours, take part in some fun activities and stay in the most comfortable and pleasant places. Private transportation prices also vary depending on the destination. The price of a net type of vehicle is also kept in transfer, which is also a determining factor.

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The distance between Antalya Airport and Side is approximately 65 kilometers. With the use of the fastest road route, it is possible for people to reach Side easily in about 1 hour.
If you want, we can safely transport you to Side with our vehicles in midibus, VIP, minivan or standard design.

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In Side, people come together with many things they are looking for in terms of taste. The most popular and favorite places of this place are the most frequented places of people.
People experience a fine dining experience in pleasant places such as Cihan Kebap Restaurant, Déjà Vu, and Q Beach Restaurant Lounge. We meticulously transport our customers from the airport to each of these places with ease.
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In Side, people generally use public transportation services to reach places. However, this often puts them in some extra troublesome situations. Minibuses are always running in the city transportation.
For a more comfortable and convenient transportation, most people benefit from private transportation services. Our Zerk Transfer company allocates all kinds of vehicles desired for the trip to its clients.
Antalya Airport Transfer
In Antalya Side, people also enjoy participating in beautiful and enjoyable ATV tours in the pine forests. After this event, we will safely transport you to Antalya Airport as you wish.
Side transfer prices show some changes according to which area to go. However, we are still decisively helping our customers with the best price opportunities.
With ZerkTransfer, you can experience a professional transfer and comfort with all the transportation services you can think of.
If you wish, you can easily reach us by calling +90 530 052 6 452 or on our website
You can choose the one that suits you from the wide range of transfer options of Zerk Transfer Services. By booking a private taxi or minibus from Turkey Airport with us, you will benefit from our fixed prices. Our driver will be waiting for you upon arrival.
We offer many destinations, please contact us at ( [email protected] ), enter your address and location and we will take you there.
We offer taxi and private transfers from Antalya Airport From/to the requested hotels or private addresses in/around Manavgat, Side. Transfer From Antalya Airport to Side.

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